optical brightener KCB

optical brightener KCB

Optical Brightener Kcb Is Widely Used For Whitening Plastic Film, Injection Mold Material, Eva Expanded Plastic, Rubber. And Optical Brightener Kcb Also Used For Coating And Nature Paint.

Product Details

optical brightener KCB

other name: optical brightener 367, fluorescent brightener KCB, fluorescent whitener KCB

1、 Technical index

Status: Yellow or green crystalline powder

Structure: Benzene and naphthalene oxazole type

melting point: 210-212℃

Optical color: brilliant blue and white

solubility: optical brightener KCB insoluble in water and soluble in organic solvent

2、 Application

optical brightener KCB's widely used for whitening plastic film, injection mold material, EVA expanded plastic, rubber. And optical brightener KCB also used for coating and nature paint.

Hostalux KCB, Hoechst T1258 are same type products in overseas market.

3、 Usage and dose

optical brightener KCB Mix the agent with material fully, 0.01-0.05% is better.

4、 Package and storage

Package: 20KGS,25KGS cardboard drum

Storage: Dry indoor