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Why Is Your Plastic Film Not As White As Others?

Nov. 27, 2019

There are many kinds of plastic blown film in our life, PP blown film, PE blown film, PVC blown film, EVA blown film, etc. The application fields of blown film are also very wide, such as vest bags, garbage bags, greenhouse films, etc. There are many plastic blown films Features, looks clean, good whiteness, good transparency, good tensile strength, but there are many manufacturers who do blown film have a headache, that is, the produced film will turn yellow after a period of time, and even sometimes The yellowing of the product is still very serious without having time to sell it in the warehouse, which is a great loss for the manufacturers. This is that the weather resistance of the blown film is not good, and it will yellow after irradiation of ultraviolet light and affect the appearance.

Plastic films are generally white and transparent. Once the product is yellowed, it will affect the transparency and whiteness of the product. The most important thing is to affect the appearance of the product and affect the use of customers. In order to solve this problem, many blown film manufacturers will adding Fluorescent Brightener For Detergent, which is special for thin film, to improve the whiteness and brightness of brightening film at the same time, it will also improve the weather resistance of the product to prevent yellowing and discoloration in the later stage. Fluorescent brightener is an additive that many plastic manufacturers may have already tried. The characteristic of fluorescent whitening agent is that it can absorb ultraviolet rays and emit fluorescence. Don't underestimate this feature, you must know that UV is a major cause of yellowing and aging of blown films. Fluorescent brighteners absorb ultraviolet light, which is equivalent to extending the life of the blown film. In addition, blue light is the nemesis of yellow light, and when the two meet, it will become bright white light. When we see an object looking yellow, it is actually caused by the yellow light reflected from its surface. After the blue light and yellow light of the fluorescent brightener are neutralized, the reflected white light is bright and pure.

Many blown and rolled film manufacturers use traditional whitening agents or some bright white master batches, and then find that the whiteness is not enough, the color is uneven, and it is easy to turn yellow. The reason is that the selected product is not suitable. We all know that thin films are soft plastics, so there are high requirements for the dispersion, stability and transparency of fluorescent brighteners. There are many types of fluorescent whitening agents, and the models are complicated. So which kind of fluorescent whitening agent can be added to the recycled blown film and calendar film? Optical Brightener Manufacturer will tell you.

Optical Brightener KCB

Optical Brightener KCB

According to the nature and application scene of blown film (many are used outdoors, such as greenhouse film), the whitening agent used on plastic blown film must meet the following points: high whiteness value, good dispersion performance, can not affect transparency, weather resistance Otherwise, it will turn yellow in a short time, which will affect the beauty of the product, and smashed its own signboard. Today I recommend a special optical brightener which called Optical Brightener KCB. Why recommend this product with everyone, see the name You should know the reason. This is a special additive specially developed for various plastic films. Optical Brightener KCB is a special optical brightener for plastic films. It has high whiteness, good dispersibility and high weather resistance. Even if your blown film product is blown out all year round, the whiteness is always as new, and it does not turn yellow or fade.