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How To Whiten The Woven Bag?

Jul. 22, 2019

Woven bags, also known as snakeskin bags. It is a type of plastic bag for packaging. Rice, flour, feed, etc. in life are all filled by woven bags. In our daily life , the woven bags we saw is white. So, do you know how to whiten the woven bags? Today OBA Supplier would like to share with you.

OBA Supplier

1. The constant innovation and research and development of the industrial industry have led to the continuous increase of the types of brighteners, making the functions of auxiliary products more targeted, and the effects of whitening, brightening and brightening are more obvious, and the overall improvement has been made. The display effect of PP woven bags is more influential for the display of consumer products, and more attractive to the public.

2. After many experiments, using German advanced technology, the company has developed a special whitening agent for plastic bags. One ton of 200-250 grams of woven bags for various colors is used to brighten and brighten.

3. Therefore, choose a suitable brightener, which will not affect the processing technology, but also improve its brightness and transparency. This fluorescent whitening agent specially designed for plastic bags can make the appearance brighter and more transparent, and the appearance is brighter.

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