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How To Whiten Recycled Woven Bags?

Jun. 21, 2019

Here is Fluorescent Brightener Agent Supplier talking about How To Whiten Recycled Woven Bags.

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Plastic woven bags made from recycled materials are usually black-gray. Because of their insufficient purity, how to whiten the recycled woven bags? The answer is only one, that is, the dyeing is white.

In our plastic woven bag industry, the method of dyeing white flat yarn is to add titanium dioxide, which is a kind of pigment powder, usually added by 1.5%. The background color of titanium dioxide is light yellow, and it seems that it is not very white. At this time, a small amount of fluorescent whitening agent YX-KS can be added for "carving white". If you want to achieve the magnetic white effect, the addition amount is 0.01. %~0.03% or so. It is also possible to add a small amount of blue carbon black particles and fine-grained aluminum silver powder for whitening, or a small amount of blue and purple colors.

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After such dyeing, what effect?

1. Increased whiteness: Because plastic itself has color and transparency, its whiteness is significantly different from that of woven bags made of purely raw materials. Therefore, adding titanium dioxide can increase whiteness, but it must be increased. The white agent is used together.

2. Improved opacity: Adding titanium dioxide makes the plastic opaque. Titanium dioxide can strongly scatter or refract light. If enough titanium dioxide is added to the process of flat yarn, all the light that illuminates its surface will be reflected, making the flat yarn show opaque and noticeable white.

3. White and black gray: gray recycled material dyed white, more or less white or gray. If it is black and white, it can only become light gray. Adding a bit of ultramarine is necessary to make the gray component appear white and gray, not so ugly.