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What if the Plastic Granules are not White?

Feb. 11, 2020

Plastic granulation refers to granulated plastic that is made by melting different forms of plastic, then extruding them, and then processing them by machines. Plastic granulation will improve the quality of the product. Usually this method is used when waste plastic is recycled again. Waste plastic, as its name implies, is discarded and unused plastic. This plastic usually has a dark and unsightly appearance. Even if the finished product is not graded, how can it improve the appearance? Smart manufacturers will choose to add Optical Brightener during the granulation process.


At present, China vigorously promotes recycling and recycling, which has also promoted the development of the recycling granulation industry. Recycled materials are also classified into grades. Good recycled materials are also graded recycled materials, which are only slightly inferior to new materials in appearance. Like secondary recycled materials and tertiary recycled materials, they have been used once or multiple times. The appearance is very dull. Regardless of the grade of recycled material, a special fluorescent whitening agent for granulation is essential.


Having said that, many plastic manufacturers will say what kind of special fluorescent whitening agent should be chosen, what will not be used? Don't worry, look down. At present, whitening agents have become more popular in the plastic industry. More than 85% of domestic plastic manufacturers will add special fluorescent whitening agents for plastics during production. This is because everyone keeps up with the changes of the times. In today's society, everyone pays more attention to foreign In the United States, this is true of people and so is the product. The first is appearance improvement. The optical brightening agent of plastic is a kind of optical whitening. When processing into plastic products, plastics are usually colored, and plastic products with pigments are not as white and bright as we think. The plastic fluorescent whitening agent uses its optical whitening principle, which can whiten slightly yellow plastic products without damaging the coloration of the pigment, and because it can absorb ultraviolet light, it can protect plastic products from ultraviolet light violations. The plastic products added with plastic fluorescent whitening agent not only improve the appearance a lot, but the service life of the product will also increase with it.

 Optical Brightener OB-1

Optical Brightener OB-1

Here, it is recommended that you add a special fluorescent whitening agent OB-1 when granulating plastics. Plastics usually have a relatively high temperature when granulating, and Optical Brightener OB-1 is the most high temperature resistant one among many whitening agents. This model almost meets the processing temperature of various plastic products, and the whitening, brightening and anti-yellowing effects are more significant. And its added amount is very small, just add 30g-50g for one hundred kilograms, the cost is only tens of dollars, but compared to the order obtained by the product appearance improvement, this cost is almost negligible.


The above is the method introduced by Fluorescent Brightener Agent Manufacturer to solve the problem of plastic granulation.