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What Are The Characteristics Of Optical Brighteners?

Jan. 02, 2020

Fluorescent Brightener For Detergent, as its name suggests, is a chemical additive that can emit fluorescence and has a whitening function. How is fluorescence related to whitening? The reason is that fluorescent whitening agents can absorb ultraviolet rays and emit blue-violet fluorescence. General items are not white, the main reason is that the surface is covered with an old yellow light. According to the complementary principle of color light, we can know that blue-violet fluorescence is mixed with old yellow light to become bright white light. Therefore, the optical brightener is an optical brightener and does not change the color of the object itself.

Fluorescent whitening agent absorbs ultraviolet light and emits fluorescence. It can not only whiten, but also brighten. What is the reason for this? Ultraviolet rays are in the invisible band, and the converted blue-violet fluorescence is visible to the naked eye. The brightness of an object is related to the total amount of light reflection on its surface. The converted blue-violet light is equivalent to directly increasing the total amount of reflection on the surface of the object, making the object look brighter and more colorful. Ultraviolet light has always been the main culprit in destroying objects. The role of fluorescent whitening agents in absorbing ultraviolet rays, on the other hand, is to indirectly protect the damage of free ultraviolet rays from articles and prolong the service life.

From the point of view of these functions of the fluorescent whitening agent, the application range of the fluorescent whitening agent is wide and it can be used as long as it requires whitening, brightening and brightening. Traditionally, fluorescent brighteners were originally used in textile, printing and dyeing and papermaking, such as Optical Brightener For Cotton Fabric. With the development of the plastic industry, fluorescent whitening agents have also spread to the plastic industry and paint and ink fields. It can be said that the fluorescent whitening agent has already penetrated into all aspects of people, and with its unique properties, it is constantly adding color to this world.

Optical Brightener For Cotton Fabric

Optical Brightener For Cotton Fabric

Fluorescent brighteners are so widely used, is it safe? Optical Brightener Manufacturer believes that if we think about it the other way, we have the answer. If fluorescent whitening agents are not safe, will there be such a wide range of applications? The safety of fluorescent whitening agents starts with laundry detergent, so let's hear how experts interpret fluorescent whitening agents in detergents. . Experts from all walks of life have authoritatively interpreted fluorescent whitening agents from their professional perspectives, and reached a consistent conclusion: fluorescent whitening agents for detergents are safe for the human body and environmentally friendly.