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The Role Of Fluorescent Whitening Agent In Plastic Recycling

Oct. 18, 2019

Waste plastics are disposed of at random, buried or even burned, and if they are not environmentally friendly, these waste plastics will cause environmental pollution to the environment, and will also cause serious pollution hazards to soil and water sources, and will also be harmful to us. Physical health poses a threat. In recent years, the state has proposed a circular economy for environmental pollution, and vigorously proposed the recycling of plastic products. At this time, fluorescent whitening agents have a great use, because many plastic products do not need the performance of new products. Therefore, plastic reclaimed materials, according to different needs, only need to ensure that certain aspects of the attributes are qualified, and can produce the corresponding products.

Although the waste plastics are cheap and the quality is not too much problem, the whiteness of the plastic products made from recycled materials is always unsatisfactory. The appearance is not gray or some yellow, which seriously affects the sales of the products. In order to solve the whiteness problem of these plastic products, some smart manufacturers usually add a small amount of fluorescent whitening agent during the processing to increase the whiteness and brightness of the product. The following Fluorescent Whitening Agent Supplier will tell you about the magic of fluorescent whitening agents.

Why do fluorescent whitening agents make recycled plastic products look new? The reason is the fluorescent function of fluorescent whitening agents. Fluorescent whitening agents are Fluorescent Dyestuff, or white dyes, and are complex organic compounds. Its characteristic is to stimulate the incident light to produce fluorescence, so that the dyed material has the effect of sparkling like fluorite, so that the material seen by the naked eye is very white. Fluorescent whitening agents absorb ultraviolet light from natural light and then convert it into blue-violet light. Blue and yellow are complementary colors, and the two become white. Therefore, the fluorescent whitening agent can obviously remove the yellow color in the recycled material, and invisibly increases the total amount of reflection of the article, thereby enhancing the brightness. 

Fluorescent Whitener For Polyester Fiber

Fluorescent Whitener For Polyester Fiber 

Since the fluorescent whitening agent can play the role of whitening and brightening, is it that any brightener is suitable for recycling plastics? The answer is of course no. There are hundreds of thousands of fluorescent whitening agents, and only with the right model can the whitening and brightening effect be exerted to a greater extent. Because brighteners are classified into many types, for example, Fluorescent Whitener For Polyester Fiber are used differently, because the whitening agent has different melting temperature and decomposition temperature depending on the composition, so the whitening agent should be selected according to the production processing temperature; The appearance is divided into powder and liquid brighteners, and the standard for selecting them is the way in which the brightener is added. Only by selecting the right brightener, and mixing it well with the raw material according to the recommended amount, can it play its role better. Increase the whiteness brightness and weather resistance of recycled plastic products, improve the grade and value of products, and make recycled plastic products more competitive.

Fluorescent whitening agent is the "MSG" in the chemical industry. Although it is used in small amounts, it often plays an important role in the production process.

The above is about the role of fluorescent whitening agents in plastic recycling. If you are interested in fluorescent whitening agents, you can contact us. We are more professional in the production of fluorescent whitening agents. There are various types of fluorescent whitening agents. Our products and services will definitely satisfy you, welcome your purchase.