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What Is The Effect Of Adding Fluorescent Brightener In Detergent?

Dec. 10, 2019

Washing the fabric with a detergent or soap added with a special fluorescent whitening agent for the detergent will make the fabric more white and brighter within a certain number of washing times, and will increase with the increase in the content of the fluorescent whitening agent in the laundry product. So what are the specific effects of adding fluorescent whitening agents to detergents? The Fluorescent Brightener Agent Supplier will tell you below.

Fluorescent brightener is a fluorescent dye, which is added to detergent or soap by a certain method. It is adsorbed on the fabric fibers during the washing process, and most of them remain on the fibers after washing. The detergent fluorescent whitening agent on the fiber converts the absorbed ultraviolet light into visible blue-violet fluorescence. This blue-violet fluorescence complements the yellow light carried by the fiber and visually makes the white fabric being washed more visible. White and bright; make light-colored fabrics more vivid. This is why fluorescent whitening agents have been widely used in the synthetic detergent and soap industry, and the purpose is.

Due to the addition of fluorescent whitening agents, the washing effect of detergents and soaps is also improved visually. This is because the detergent-specific fluorescent whitening agent itself does not have the ability to decontaminate, only the whitening and brightening effect.This effect is the common result of the light reflection effect of the clean surface of the washed and decontaminated article, making the article being washed Visually, it looks cleaner, white items look whiter, and reduce the yellowing of the fabric during use and washing, making the color and pattern of light and printed fabrics more distinct.

Using Optical Brightener For Detergent's detergent or soap to wash the fabric will make the fabric more white and brighter in a certain number of washing times, and will increase with the increase of the fluorescent whitening agent content in the washed product. After that, the whiteness change is not significant. If the content of fluorescent whitening agent in the washing product is very low, the whitening effect on the fabric to be washed will not be obvious.

Bright Bright For Detergent

Bright Bright For Detergent

If the Fluorescent Brightener is not included in the detergent, the whitened fabric will gradually wash away the existing fluorescent whitening agent on the original fabric due to the action of the surfactant, and the whiteness of the fabric will vary with the number of washings. The increase gradually decreases, and the luster gradually disappears, giving people a feeling of getting washed and darkened. It also makes people feel that detergents or soaps that do not contain fluorescent brighteners do not perform well. Wash the whitened fabric with a detergent with a fluorescent whitening agent. The amount of fluorescent whitening agent washed from the fabric and the amount of fluorescent whitening agent in the detergent can be basically balanced on the fabric, so that Keep the whiteness, brightness and vividness of the fabric basically unaffected.

It can be seen that in order to make fluorescent whitening agents play the best whitening effect in detergents and soaps, the appropriate amount is extremely important, and this is also the concern of detergent and soap manufacturers.