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Solutions To Chromatic Aberration Caused By Fluorescent Brightener

Dec. 09, 2019

Adding a fluorescent whitening agent to plastic can effectively whiten and brighten the product, but the plastic products produced often have color differences between batches of products, and sometimes even the color of a batch of products appears larger. difference. In this regard, technicians and operators must take it seriously, keep summing up, and take timely measures to overcome it. Here Fluorescent Brightener Agent Supplier summarizes some types of color difference, causes and solutions from a practical point of view.

First, the color difference caused by fluorescent brightener

Main reasons: 1. The manufacturer or batch number is different 2. The whitening agent used is used blindly without analysis and comparison 3. The whitening agent is inconsistent in fineness 4. The whitening agent is stored for too long and causes deterioration 5. The white agent has poor heat resistance and other properties, and causes discoloration during processing.

Solution: 1. Pay attention to the production unit and batch number of the brightener before use. If it does not match, the amount should be determined after a micro test. Production of the same batch of products, and strive to use the same manufacturers and products of the same brand. 2. All whitening agents that come into the factory must be used after inspection and analysis, to prevent some small color differences from being put into production. 3. After analysis and confirmation, the whitening agents with basically the same fineness can be exchanged. It is best not to use 5, choose colorants with excellent properties such as heat resistance and acid resistance.

Second, the color difference caused by measuring instruments

The main reasons are as follows: 1. The sensitivity of the balance and the bench scale is biased. 2. There is a large error in the weight.

Measures to be taken: 1. Strengthen maintenance and regular inspection 2. Check the check weights to achieve a certain accuracy.

Third, the color difference caused by the measurement operation

Main reasons: 1. The balance or bench scale is placed skewed; 2. Vibration during operation; 3. The scoop or spoon is dirty. 4. The operator reads the indication scale incorrectly.

Solution: 1. Level the measuring instrument as required. 2. Avoid shaking the platform or balance when measuring. 3. Scale. 3. Use a special spoon for a whitening agent. Do not mix it. Remove the whitening agent or other substances adhered to the inside and outside of the weighing pan. 4. Strengthen the measurement responsibility and perform measurement review to ensure the measurement is correct.

Optical Brightener For Plastic Factory

Optical Brightener For Plastic Factory

Fourth, the processing process causes color difference

Main reasons: 1. Changes in the variety and dosage of stabilizers, fillers, etc. in the formula affect the coverage of the material by the fluorescent whitening agent, which causes the color of the product to change 2. The whitening agent is mixed in the material to disperse unevenly 3. Medium exceeds the normal process conditions, especially the processing temperature exceeds the heat-resistant temperature of the brightener.

Solution: 1. When changing different types or amounts of additives in the formula, the amount of Optical Brightener For Plastic Factory should also be considered. 2. Strictly control the material mixing process and select the optimal temperature for the whitening agent in the resin And time 3. Strictly abide by the process specifications of processing and forming.

The above is the solution of the optical aberration caused by the Optical Brightener KCB supplier analysis. I hope it can help everyone.