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What Are The Optical Brightener Commonly Used In Plastics?

Jul. 11, 2019

In the field of plastics, optical brightener is a kind of chemical additive that are used in small quantities. High Quality Optical Brightener can significantly improve the grade of plastic products. So, what are the optical brightener commonly used in plastics? Today, we gives you a brief introduction about the Optical Brightener OBA For Plastic.

Optical Brightener OBA For Plastic

Optical Brightener OBA For Plastic

1. Plastic brightener OB

Physical properties: Plastic brightener OB is light green or green-green powder, non-toxic and tasteless, soluble in alkane, fat, mineral oil, paraffin and most organic solvents, the maximum absorption of the spectrum is 375mm (in ethanol).

Scope of application: OB is suitable for whitening of thermoplastics such as PVC, PE, PP, ABS, PS and unsaturated resins, as well as paints, inks and oil-soluble coatings.

Features: strong stability, it is known as plastic whitening agent

2. Plastic brightener OB-1

Physical properties: The plastic whitening agent OB-1 has a bright yellow crystalline powder, a bright blue bright white light, insoluble in water, high temperature resistance, and a maximum absorption wavelength of 370 mm.

Scope of application: Plastic brightener OB-1 is especially suitable for the molding of various plastic granules and plastic products at high temperature. Because of its good heat resistance, light resistance and chlorine bleaching resistance, it is a whitening agent for polyester fiber. The whitening effect of polyester and cotton and other fiber blend fabrics is also particularly desirable.

Features: It is especially suitable for high temperature plastics.

3. Plastic brightener PF

Physical properties: Plastic whitening agent PF is light yellow crystalline powder, insoluble in water, soluble in most organic solvents, and has good fastness and light resistance.

Scope of application: Plastic whitening agent PF is mainly used for whitening and brightening of polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, polyacrylate, polyester film, high and low pressure polyethylene, ABS, plexiglass, business cards and high-grade paper.