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The Introduction to Optical Brightener

Jul. 03, 2019

Optical Brightener is a kind of fluorescent dye, or white dye, and it is a kind of complex organic compound. The characteristic of the optical brightener is that it can excite the incident light to generate fluorescence, so that the dyed substance obtains the sparkling effect similar to fluorite, so that the substance seen by the naked eye is very white, and the whitening effect is achieved.

Optical Brightener

Optical Brightener

Generally, optical brighteners are classified into two types, one is a water-soluble whitening agent and the other is a water-insoluble brightener. The former class can be used as a whitening agent for paper, paint, washing powder, and cotton fabric. The other type can be used for whitening of chemical fiber, plastics.

In our daily lives, we have many opportunities to get in touch with optical brightener. As long as it does not exceed certain standards, it will not cause trouble for our lives.

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