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How To Tell If The Optical Brightener Is Pure?

Jul. 17, 2019

Sometimes, we don’t know hoe to know if it is a High Quality Optical Brightener, or if it is pure. So, how to know if the optical brightener is pure?

High Quality Optical Brightener

High Quality Optical Brightener

At present, there are several methods for detecting Optical Brightener China on the market:

First and foremost, the most simple thing is to look at the naked eye and take a little bit of plastic bag. You will feel the presence of additives (smoothness and uniformity of color). If you add calcium powder, titanium dioxide, dispersant or pigment, you can probably do more experience. Make a judgment. It can be distinguished by the condition of the appearance powder, and sometimes the additive is unevenly mixed, and a appearance different from the optical brightener itself may occur.

The second is to use the recycled material for the board test. Compared with the pure product board, you can know which is pure.

Finally, the most accurate one is to use liquid chromatograph to detect it. Test the peak height of the brightener to determine whether it is pure.