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Is Fluorescent Whitening Agent Harmful To The Body?

Nov. 20, 2019

If the clothes are dirty, we will change it. However, detergents such as laundry detergents and laundry care products often have problems with fluorescent whitening agents, and there are rumors that fluorescent whitening agents are carcinogenic to humans. What is the real situation? Please take a look follow our Fluorescent Brightener Agent Supplier.

The fluorescent whitening agent is an optical brightener, and the whitening effect utilizes the optical complementary color principle. When the fluorescent whitening agent is attached to paper, clothing and face, it not only reflects visible light, but also absorbs ultraviolet light other than visible light, and converts it into visible light with purple-blue color, which not only improves the reflectivity, The blue light also complements the yellow and brown of the item itself, offsetting the original tan, making the paper, clothing, and face white and pleasing. Under normal lighting, the human eye feels that the whiteness and vividness of the item increase.

At present, domestic and foreign literatures on the toxicity of fluorescent whitening agents show that the toxicity is still controversial, including mucosal stimulation, delayed wound healing, carcinogenic teratogenesis, etc., all of which require more in-depth laboratory experiments and wider epidemics. Pathological observation. The use of fluorescent whitening agents is safe, which is a common view that is recognized.

The child's homework is white for beauty, and it has been for a long time; the office paper is not the most white, only whiter. Of course, the Optical Brightener For Paper Industry is specifically used in paper.

Optical Brightener For Detergent

Optical Brightener For Detergent

Optical Brightener For Detergent have also been at the forefront of public opinion, but the domestic and foreign authorities have seen the same, fluorescent whitening agents are safe for long-term use in detergents, non-toxic to the human body and the environment. harmless. As for the amount of detergent added, it is not specified, because the added fluorescent whitening agent itself is safe, and the fluorescent whitening agent such as perfume is generally self-limiting. If excessive use is counterproductive, it will The clothes turned yellow; three because the fluorescent whitening agent for washing is expensive, it is also a constraint.

At present, there is no restriction on the use of fluorescent whitening agents in cosmetics in China. Those feelings of whitening, whitening, and whitening after washing may be the illusion of artificially added fluorescent whitening agents. If it is clear and plain, you are willing to accept it, after all, it is almost the same as playing the foundation. After all, it is zero risk compared with the facelift. However, all kinds of masks applied, one-mindedly rushing to the mask of the "black" nature, but it is still self-deception, I still have some chills.

The use of additives in the food industry adheres to two principles, one is safety and the other is necessity. The final product of the fluorescent whitening agent is safe and worry-free at present, but its essence is only to please our eyes. The necessity is optional. If consumers do not have the general preference of blindly seeking whitening, then fluorescent whitening agents will not be so pervasive. At this level, if the power of the consumer "buy" can hold the finger into a fist, it is not weaker than the regulator's punch.

For workbooks, sanitary napkins, masks, etc., which are suspected of adding fluorescent whitening agents, one should be calm and calm, and must be panic-stricken, and the second can be chosen in a possible range.