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How to Solve the Yellowing of Plastic Pipes?

Feb. 18, 2020

Plastic pipe is an important part of chemical building materials. It has the advantages of hygiene, environmental protection and low consumption, and is currently loved by consumers. However, with the continuous increase of labor costs in recent years, and the increasing competition, many plastic pipe manufacturers will choose to use recycled materials to process again in order to minimize costs. However, although the cost is lowered, the whiteness and brightness of the produced plastic pipes are still far from the new materials, but don't worry, as long as the plastic pipe whitener is added during the processing of plastic pipes, the appearance problems can be solved .

We know that the biggest problem with plastic pipes made from recycled old materials is that the appearance is yellow and matte, and plastic pipe brighteners are substances that can absorb ultraviolet rays and emit fluorescence. The blue-violet fluorescence emitted by them can be related to substances. The yellow light carried is complementary to form the bright white light we see visually. As we all know, any item can not withstand the damage of ultraviolet rays, and the appearance of fluorescent brightener can absorb ultraviolet light, not only can improve the appearance of the product, but also prolong the service life of plastic pipes.

Optical Brightener 127

Optical Brightener 127

In terms of Optical Brightener, many plastic pipe manufacturers are confused. I don’t know which one to choose. Many plastic pipes are mostly made of PVC. Here, we recommends the use of optical brightener 127, which is a light yellow crystal. Powder, in plastic pipes, low dosage, high whiteness, migration resistance, high efficiency and environmental protection. Its thermal stability is greater than 300 ℃, which can meet the temperature requirements during the processing of plastic pipes. The addition amount in white pipes is only 0.01% 0.05%, good light fastness. The plastic pipe with Optical Brightener 127 has the advantages of no yellowing and discoloration in long-term use.

There are many types of plastic fluorescent brighteners, and each model has its own unique advantages, so do not choose blindly, you must choose a professional brightener manufacturer, after all, aftermarket and quality of Optical Brightener Manufacturers can be guaranteed.