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Does The Addition Of Fluorescent Whitening Agents To Paper Have An Impact On Your Health?

Jul. 26, 2019

Do you have any doubts about why the paper made from trees is white? In fact, because of the increase in fluorescent whitening agents in paper, would you say that there are restrictions on the increase of fluorescent whitening agents in paper? This answer is yes. OBA Supplier today shares with you the effect of Optical Brightener For Paper Industry.

Fluorescent whitening agents are fluorescent dyes or white dyes. It is also a complex organic compound. Its characteristic is that it can excite incident light and generate fluorescence, so that the dyed substance can obtain the effect of sparkling like fluorite, so that the substance seen by the naked eye is white to achieve whitening effect. Fluorescent whitening agents are widely used in the paper making industry in the production of napkins because of their ability to significantly increase the whiteness of paper. Some companies also use fluorescent whitening agents to achieve whiteness.

Optical Brightener For Paper Industry

Optical Brightener For Paper Industry

Fluorescent whitening agent is a fluorescent dye. Adding fluorescent whitening agent to the paper industry can improve the appearance of paper, make the paper white, reduce the cost of pulp bleaching, reduce energy consumption and reduce environmental pollution.

However, since the fluorescent whitening agent of the paper may cause certain harm to the human body, it is necessary to strengthen the restriction on the migratory fluorescent whitening agent in the relevant paper standard to protect the personal health of the consumer.

Therefore, the state has a clear requirement for adding fluorescent whitening agents to paper.