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The Use Of Fluorescent Whitening Agents Should Be Strictly Controlled

Aug. 14, 2019

Here is a Optical Brightener For Plastic Factory talking about the use of fluorescent whitening agents should be strictly controlled.

Fluorescent Brightener BBU is an important and common functional additive. It is an organic compound that absorbs ultraviolet light and emits blue-violet fluorescence visible to the human eye, complementing the yellow light on the substrate to have a whitening effect. Commonly used fluorescent agents are fluorescent whitening agent ob, fluorescent whitening agent KSN, fluorescent whitening agent ER and the like.

Fluorescent whitening agents are considered a white fuel or a white fluorescent fuel. With the development of technology, fluorescent whitening agents have been continuously applied to the fields of papermaking, detergents and plastics. Due to the fierce competition in the market and the diversification of user requirements, the application of fluorescent whitening agents in the plastic field has shown a strong development momentum.

Fluorescent Brightener BBU

Fluorescent Brightener BBU

Fluorescent whitening agent is an organic compound that can improve the whiteness of fiber fabrics and papers, and is widely used in the production of textile, paper, washing and other industries. The principle of whitening is to absorb invisible ultraviolet light and convert it into blue light or purple visible light with a long wavelength, so that it can compensate for the yellowish color in the matrix, and at the same time reflect more visible light, so that paper, clothes and the like appear more. White, brighter and more vivid. However, excessive fluorescent whitening agents may cause harm to the human body and have potential cancer risk, so their content must be strictly controlled.

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