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Points To Be Noticed When Adding Fluorescent Whitening Agents

Aug. 01, 2019

Here is a professional Fluorescent Brightener Manufacturer who talking about two points to be noticed when adding fluorescent whitening agents.

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Fluorescent Brightener Powder

Fluorescent Brightener Powder

1. The amount of fluorescent whitening agent; the amount of fluorescent whitening agent is usually expressed as a percentage of the mass of the plastic. The amount of fluorescent whitening agent in the plastic is related to its chemical construction, dispersion, and the nature of the plasticizer or other additive in the plastic formulation. The amount of fluorescent whitening agent is generally 0.05% to 0.1% (weight for plastic), for ultra-white type, the dosage can reach 0.5% (weight for plastic) or more; for Tongming plastic, the amount of the above is 1 /100~1/10. The appropriate dosage should be determined by small sample experiment to meet the requirements of use. It is not under what conditions the more the amount of fluorescent whitening agent is, the better the whitening effect is, but there is a certain concentration limit, exceeding a certain limit. Not only does it have no whitening effect, but it even presents a yellowish scene. Excessive amounts of fluorescent whitening agents can also cause incompatibility, seizures, and anti-aging functions.

2. The whitening effect of the fluorescent whitening agent; the whitening effect is usually expressed by whiteness, which is related to the compatibility of the resin and the light resistance of the plastic, in addition to the addition amount of the fluorescent whitening agent. The fluorescent whitening agent with good compatibility and good light resistance has good whitening effect and durability. A more indirect way to test the whitening effect of fluorescent whitening agents is to stop the small sample experiment.