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What Is A Fluorescent Whitening Agent?

Jun. 14, 2019

Fluorescent Brightener, sodium stilbene benzene disulfonate. It is a fluorescent dye, or a white dye, which is also a complex organic compound. Its characteristic is to stimulate the incident light to produce fluorescence. The dyed material is made to have a sparkling effect similar to that of fluorite so that the material seen by the naked eye is very white.

Chinese name:

Fluorescent Whitening Agent

Foreign name:

What Is A Fluorescent Whitening Agent?cid=307

Fluorescent brightener

Fluorescent whitening agent

Fluorescent whitening agent chemical formula: bistriazinylaminostilbene

Fluorescent whitening agent appearance: yellowish and green

Fluorescent whitening agent: the effect of the fluorite-like sparkle on the dyed material.