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Fluorescent Whitening Agent In Various Industries

Nov. 14, 2019

A long time ago, people made white goods mainly by traditional bleaching and blue process, but they gave people an old feeling. The use of Fluorescent Brightener For Detergent, the whitening effect is not comparable to the blue and white chemical bleaching, after the application of fluorescent whitening agents is more and more extensive, from the beginning of the textile industry to food, food contact materials , cosmetics, paper products, detergents and other industries.

1 Application in the food industry

In addition to the obvious whitening effect, the fluorescent whitening agent also has a certain preservation and antiseptic effect. Fluorescent whitening agents are chemical products and are not allowed to be used in foods. However, there are many unscrupulous traders who use them in foods such as edible fungi for whitening and fresh-keeping effects. This kind of behavior may cause potential harm to human body. , There are security risks. Application in food contact materials.

2 Application in the cosmetics industry

Fluorescent whitening agents have not explicitly prohibited the use of fluorescent whitening agents in the hygienic specifications of daily skin care cosmetics and masks, nor have they issued relevant standard testing methods. Some cosmetic manufacturers add a fluorescent whitening agent to cosmetics in order to improve the whiteness of the skin and achieve a whitening effect. For example, some unscrupulous manufacturers maliciously add a large amount of fluorescent whitening agent in the whitening mask to give consumers a white effect, but this also poses potential hidden dangers to human health.

3 Applications in the textile industry

Fluorescent whitening agents were first used in the textile industry. They were transferred to fabrics by different dyeing methods, and reflected by ultraviolet light sources to make them white and bright. Fluorescent whitening agents such as Optical Brightener Agent For Polyester Fiber not only whiten but also brighten light colored fabrics. Textiles treated with fluorescent whitening agents not only improve the appearance, improve the quality and grade, but also enhance their commercial value, so the consumption of fluorescent whitening agents is getting higher and higher.

5 Application in the detergent industry

In recent years, as consumers' demands on the appearance, quality and cleanliness of laundry products have increased, the role of fluorescent whitening agents in detergents has become more and more important, as textiles will gradually turn yellow during use, while washing In the process, the fluorescent whitening agent in the detergent will adsorb to the fabric fiber, and the blue-violet fluorescence emitted by the ultraviolet light will compensate the yellow light of the fiber, and the visual effect of the washed white textile will return to a white and bright state. It has led people to think that detergents containing fluorescent whitening agents have a better effect than detergents that do not contain fluorescent whitening agents. China's bistriazinylaminostilbene and distyrylbiphenyl fluorescent whitening agents are allowed to be added to laundry detergents, but the maximum usage is not specified.

Fluorescent Brightener For Paper

Fluorescent Brightener For Paper 

6 Application in the paper products industry

An important quality indicator judged by the paper products industry is whiteness. In the past, chlorine bleaching, blue dyes or pigments were used to produce whiter paper products, but the paper products still showed a yellowish and grayish appearance, and people found that in pursuit of higher whiteness. The use of strong bleaching methods can damage the strength of the pulp fibers. Fluorescent Brightener For Paper Manufacturer not only can make the paper products bright and bright, but also does not cause more chemical loss of the pulp, and is convenient to use, uses less, and can not achieve the effect of other bleaching methods. At present, the fluorescent whitening agent used in the paper products industry is mainly a ditriazinylaminostilbene type fluorescent whitening agent. Fluorescent whitening agents are not only used on plain paper, but also on some special paper products. For example, in the cigarette industry, fluorescent whitening agents ABP and VBL are mainly used for whitening of filter forming paper and tipping paper.