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The Introduction to Fluorescent Dyestuff

Jun. 28, 2019

Have you ever learned about fluorescent fyestuff? Do you know what is it? Today Fluorescent Whitening Agent Factory will give you a specific introduction to it. Please pay attention to the following points.

Fluorescent Whitening Agent Factory

Fluorescent Whitening Agent Factory

Fluorescent Dyestuff is a dye that can fluoresces.

After absorbing ultraviolet light or visible light, it can convert short-wavelength light into long-wavelength visible light wave and reflect it, which is a bright and vivid color. For example, acid blush, fluorescent yellow, red mercury, and some disperse dyes. Most of them are compounds containing a benzene ring or a heterocyclic ring and having a conjugated double bond.

The fluorescent dyestuff may be used singly or in combination as a composite fluorescent dye. The composite fluorescent dye is a fluorescent dye synthesized by fluorescence resonance energy transfer technology, and it is composed of a donor and an acceptor fluorescent molecule which are very close in distance and energy can be transmitted between each other. The complex dye is excited at the excitation wavelength of the acceptor molecule, emitting a photon at the emission wavelength of the donor molecule. Fluorescent dyestuff are evolving very rapidly, and fluorescent dyes that have been developed for scientific and clinical applications have covered the entire spectrum from ultraviolet to visible and infrared.