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How to Use Fluorescent Brightener Powder Correctly?

Jul. 02, 2019

How to use Fluorescent Brightener Powder? Or, how to use fluorescent brightener powder more effectively? Today we will answer this question frow two aspects.

Fluorescent Brightener Supplier

Fluorescent Brightener Supplier

1. Choose the right fluorescent brightener powder.

There are hundreds of types of fluorescent brightener powdes, and even professionals are hard to tell. As an end customer, this problem can be thrown to the Fluorescent Brightener Supplier to recommend suitable brighteners. In order to facilitate the end customer to choose a more targeted brightener, we have developed a special brightener based on the use of brightener, not only improves the effect of brightener, but also facilitates the choice of end customers.

2. Determine the amount of fluorescent brightener powder.

The amount of fluorescent brightener powder is usually expressed as a percentage of the mass of the plastic. The amount of fluorescent brightener powder in the plastic is related to its chemical structure, dispersion, and the nature of the plasticizer or other additive in the plastic formulation. The amount of the fluorescent brightener powder is generally 0.05% to 0.1% (to the weight of the plastic), for the ultra-white variety, the amount can be up to 0.5% (to the weight of the plastic) or more; for the transparent plastic, the amount is the above The dosage is 1/100~1/10.

The appropriate dosage should be determined by the sample test to meet the application requirements. It is not the case that the more fluorescent brightener powder is used, the better the whitening effect is. But there is a certain concentration limit, exceeding a certain limit. Not only does it have no whitening effect, but it can even appear yellow. Excessive amounts of fluorescent brightener powder can also cause incompatibility, migration, and reduced aging resistance.