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Which Type Of Brightener Can Replace OB?

Aug. 07, 2019

Here is a professional factory who sells Fluorescent Brightener China talking about the type of brightener that can replace OB.

I believe that many Fluorescent Brightener Agent Manufacturer who use the fluorescent whitening agent OB in production have been very troublesome for the past two years. The first is the price increase, in which the reason for the price increase is a big factor in environmental protection. Caused many manufacturers can not supply goods. Now, in the past few months, the price of OB has been picking up, and many users are watching and seeing where the final price can go.

Fluorescent Brightener China

Fluorescent Brightener China

Many dealers took the high-priced OB in the past few months. Now, once the price drops in the market, there may be a large number of similar prices, but the relative content of the product, today to discuss whether there is a fluorescent whitening agent Can you replace OB?

How to find a manufacturer of OB!

Let's talk to you today! Let's first understand the use of fluorescent whitening agent OB, which is generally used in paints, inks, coatings, plastic products, etc. First, look at the fluorescent ink to replace the fluorescent whitening agent OB.

YL-A-1 Fluorescent Brightener is an additive used in various paints, inks and coatings. It can greatly improve the whiteness, brightness and vividness of paints, inks and coating products, and make your products Whiter, more brilliant, brightness doubled! Adding one-third less than fluorescent whitening agent, whitening effect is twice OB, using YL-A-1 fluorescent whitening agent can replace OB whitening in paint ink Take the ink, the ink has very strict requirements on resin powder, solvent and additives, because

As a product with better weather resistance, Fluorescent Brightener OB is favored by many ink manufacturers, but it has a certain lack of whiteness value and needs to be added to a certain amount to achieve high whiteness.

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