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What are the Factors that Affect the Effect of Fluorescent Brighteners in Textiles?

Mar. 10, 2020

Fluorescent brighteners can be used in many industries such as textiles, papermaking, detergents, plastics, coatings, etc., but the earliest applications in the textile industry. We know that consumer demand is getting higher and higher. In order to whiten fabrics, many manufacturers will add textile brighteners, but some manufacturers add fluorescent brighteners. The appearance of products can be greatly improved. The effect of the fluorescent brightener added by the manufacturers is not particularly satisfactory. This is mainly due to certain factors affecting the whitening effect of the fluorescent brightener. What aspects have affected it? The Fluorescent Brightener Agent Manufacturer will show you a bit.

1. The effect of whitened textiles

Fluorescent brighteners are optically complementary and brighter, but they do not represent chemical bleaching. Textiles containing pigments and dark backgrounds will not get the ideal whitening effect if they are treated with a fluorescent whitening agent without chemical bleaching. The whitened textiles must be pretreated by desizing, refining, and chemical bleaching. Most of the natural or artificial pigments or impurities are removed to obtain a good basic whiteness, and then a fluorescent whitening agent The treatment can make full use of the whitening effect of the fluorescent whitening agent.

2. The impact of water quality

Water is an extremely important and indispensable substance in the synthesis, processing and use of fluorescent brighteners. For the whitening of textiles, the water quality cannot be ignored, and it is more stringent than the water quality requirements for ordinary dyeing. Choose suitable soft water according to different fluorescent brightener products, because many fluorescent brightener product specifications have specific requirements on water quality.

3. The yellowing point of fluorescent brightener

When using optical brighteners to whiten textiles, the concentration of Optical Brightener For Textile must be appropriate. There are many types of fluorescent whitening agents. Due to different structures and types, the yellowing point is also different. Therefore, when choosing a fluorescent whitening agent, in addition to considering other factors that affect the whitening effect, special attention should be paid to sample tests and looking Yellow point of the fluorescent whitening agent on the textile to be whitened.

Optical Brightener For Textile

Optical Brightener For Textile

4. Influence of temperature

Temperature is an important factor affecting the whitening effect of fluorescent brighteners. Increasing the temperature can increase the diffusion rate of the fluorescent whitening agent and accelerate the dyeing of the fluorescent whitening agent. So temperature regulation is an important method to control the dyeing rate.

The above is a brief introduction to several factors that affect the whitening effect of textile fluorescent brighteners. However, specific analysis of specific products requires fundamental reasons for everything. It is recommended that you do not blindly choose Optical Brightener here. You must choose a professional manufacturer. After all, the after-sales and quality of the manufacturer can be guaranteed.