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Whitening Principle Of Optical Brightener

Aug. 21, 2019

Here is a Optical Brightener For Plastic Factory talking about whitening principle of optical brightener.

Optical Brightener For Textile Price

Optical Brightener For Textile Price

1. Fluorescent Whitening Agent is a colorless organic compound that absorbs near-ultraviolet light (wavelength range between 300-400nm) that is invisible to the human eye, and then emits blue-violet fluorescence visible to the human eye (wavelength range) Between 420 and 480 nm). Fluorescent whitening agents are widely used in industries such as textiles, paper, plastics, inks, coatings and synthetic detergents to significantly increase the whiteness and gloss of the substrate.

The object being said, I usually call it a substrate. The reason why the substrate is slightly yellowish is because the substrate contains a colored impurity that darkens the substrate, and it absorbs blue or blue-violet visible light having a wavelength of about 450 nm. The reason why the fluorescent whitening agent can whiten the yellow light substrate is because the fluorescent whitening agent can absorb ultraviolet light having a wavelength of about 350 nm after being adsorbed on the substrate, and can emit blue with a wavelength of about 450 nm. Color or blue-violet visible light. The light emitted by it compensates for the light absorbed by the substrate. It is known by physics that the two sets of complementary light are superimposed to form white light, so the human eye feels that the whiteness and vividness of the object increase. That is to say, the object is whitened and brightened.

2. Color is the result of selective absorption of light by matter, but it is also a psychophysical quantity. For example, red, orange, and yellow make people feel warm and hot, and blue, cyan, and purple make people feel cool and cold. Scientists have found that human skin absorbs its favorite color and makes people physically and mentally healthy. Absorbing its hateful color can make people nervous and vulnerable to various diseases. If a person spends 2 hours in a red room, it will feel like 4 hours, while in a blue room it will only feel like an hour, and people will go from the red room to the blue room. decline. Color can also be used to treat diseases and make people muscles loose or nervous.

3. White is a color formed by the mixing of complementary light colors. Since the white object itself reflects almost all of the light that strikes its surface, the color of the object remains unchanged in white, which is also the condition for color matching. The white name is a bit special because its corresponding translucent material has a different color name than the transparent material, and the opaque material has a different color name, so it is listed in the 263th color in the ISCC-NBS naming.

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