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Shijiazhuang Taicang New Materials Co., Ltd. is a technology innovation and environmental protection enterprise integration of research, production and sales series of Optical Brightener Agent. We established in 2000, located in Hebei province, nearby the Shijiazhuang airport, Beijing airport & Tianjin seaport. Through years of accumulation, we developed two production sites, many excellent staffs for production, research and sales.

Main products:

Optical Brightener Agent, professional solution provider for Plastic, Textile, Detergent. Such as OB, OB-1, FP-127, KCB, KSN for plastic; BA, 4BK, BBU, CXT, MST, ALK are popular for cotton; ER, FG, CPS (C.I.199 liquid series) for polyester; CBS-X for detergent; SWN for wool.